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CiloGear, based in Portland, Oregon, is a manufacturer of backpacks, pack and travel bags for alpine climbers. CiloGear's portfolio ranges from day- and ski-bags to the largest expedition backpacks for mountaineers, climbers, and adventurers. The products are manufactured exclusively in the company's own factory in Portland, with a focus on lean manufacturing rather than mass production. CiloGear WorkSacks have already received three Alpinist Mountain Standard Awards and the Guides Choice Award of the American Alpine Institute.

CiloGear backpacks are very light, extremely durable and versatile, enabling them to be adapted to a wide range of challenges and activities. The unique combination of pioneering material technologies, performance-oriented design, and reliable safety makes the CiloGear WorkSack a loyal companion for the most adverse conditions.

Some of the most experienced U.S. alpinists like Bruce Normand, David Gottlieb, Scott Adamson, Chris Wright, or Aaron Mulkey, and climbers like Thomas Huber and Nik Berry are among the testers of the CiloGear backpacks. To get as close to perfection as possible, these extreme athletes use and test CiloGear backpacks on the most challenging routes and under the toughest conditions.

cilo gear on a mountain climber