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Oregon is not only the epicenter of outdoor sports, but also of private micro-breweries. The DrinkTanks company, founded in 2013, aims to combine both these worlds. Many mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts dreamed of rewarding themselves on the summit or after a strenuous trail either with a sip of chilled, alcohol-free beer, or a refreshing carbonated drink.

The founders of DrinkTanks have succeeded in developing extremely resistant and well insulated "growlers" (a kind of jug) in various sizes, which are robust enough for extreme alpine tours and keep drinks cool for 24 hours or 12 hours warm. For growlers made of double-walled stainless steel with vacuum insulation, the so-called Keg Cap® with CO² cartridge is also available to preserve carbonation.

DrinkTanks came across the "good old tradition" of tapping beer directly at the brewery and taking it home in special mugs on their travels to European mountain regions. What has become almost extinct tradition here in Europe is experiencing a real renaissance in the U.S.A.—especially in Oregon—thanks to the multitude of innovative microbreweries. DrinkTanks growlers keep your favorite beer fresh, cool, and sparkling. Outdoor and alpine fans have also quickly acquired a taste for the DrinkTanks growler and have chosen them as their favorite companions. The insulation and robust construction are ideal for tours in the wilderness, camping, on the beach, for children, or for urban adventure.