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Gobi Gear

Chezzie "Chez" Brungraber, founder of Gobi Gear, is an adventurer and globetrotter with heart and soul. On her extensive travels through Nepal, Kenya, and New Zealand, she regularly became acquainted with one of the unwritten laws of outdoor life: the things that are urgently needed are always almost undetectable in the depths of the backpack.

A passionate designer and product developer, Chez tackled the problem in 2009 by developing the SegSac family of multi-chamber bags in a range of sizes. Gear can be clearly sorted in the individual chambers and stored in a space-saving manner. Gobi Gear products are durable and made of high-quality, ultra-light high-performance materials.

SegSac is available as a packsack for backpacks and as a traveler version with shoulder strap for trips to the beach, swimming pool, or playground.

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