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Showers Pass

If anyone knows anything about bad weather, it's the experts at Showers Pass, founded in Portland, Oregon, in 1997. Portland is not only the cradle of outdoor sports, but with an average of more than 130 rainy days a year, the cycling enthusiasts from Portland have learned how to effectively deal with "liquid sunshine." Showers Pass, this is not only the name of the brand but also, a wonderful expression of the indifference with which you can defy the elements thanks to the waterproof Showers Pass clothing. The chic Showers Pass range includes bike and outdoor rain pants and rain jackets, breathable base layers and waterproof socks and gloves.

Behind the functional clothing of the rain professionals is a sophisticated membrane technology. Material blends of natural fibers such as merino and bamboo for warming or sweat-absorbing base layers are also among the core competencies of the Oregonians. The company's product range includes waterproof jackets and trousers, base layers, cycling underwear, shorts, jerseys and shirts, waterproof socks, bags and backpacks, as well as its own MTB collection. The products are not only suitable for bike fans, but also meet the high demands of passionate outdoor athletes in the fields of running, hiking, and alpine climbing.

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