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For outdoor events, garden parties, or picnics at the lake, disposable paper or plastic dishes are often used. SiliPint has created a colorful alternative to the throwaway mentality. Inspired by the cascading mountain air and the long sunny days, Rick Fredland developed the first SiliPint in 2010 in Bend, Oregon. "First, I created a dog dish for SiliPint. But then I thought to myself, Why only a dog bowl? Why not a pint glass?"

These days there is a wide range of bowls and glasses of different sizes, shapes, and colors for people and pets with one big advantage: they are unbreakable! SiliPint ensures at each of their production sites in China, Oregon, Idaho, and California, that their products meet, and even exceeds, FDA standards, rules, and regulations to ensure uniform design and optimal quality.

14 ounce cups