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Trail Butter

In 2012, brothers Brad and Jeff Boggess founded Trail Butter in Portland, Oregon. The company produces 100% natural power-food according to the Paleo concept, combining energy supply with great taste. The products are extremely space-saving and are perfect for trips where high-energy food sources are required. Trail Butter is appreciated by endurance athletes and expedition participants, not just because it is 100% natural and provides high-energy source, but for its taste as well. Trail Butter is available in a range of flavors including maple syrup and sea salt, dark chocolate and coffee, and cranberry and sunflower seeds.

Brad and Jeff had the idea for Trail Butter on an 8,900-mile bike tour from Lake Constance (where they trained as landscape gardeners) back to their former home in California. On their long trip, annoyed by the taste of synthetic "energy gel" they only ate nuts, nut butters, and dried fruits—as cavemen did in the Stone Age. This gave rise to the idea of combining these Paleo ingredients in one product and thus creating a space-saving, energy-supplying snack for travel and sport.

"We created Trail Butter especially for an active lifestyle. Our mission was to ensure that everyone, regardless of activity level, could be trail ready," emphasizes Jeff Boggess, co-founder of Trail Butter.

Trail Butter product