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Outdoor Gear and Apparel Industry Details

Outdoor Gear

Outdoor gear companies have sprouted up across Oregon, largely because this is where many of their customers come to play. We work with manufacturers and designers of products for the full gamut of outdoor activities, such as bicycling, windsurfing, mountaineering, skiing, rock climbing, backpacking, boating, hunting, fishing and camping.

With a sweeping coastline, snow-capped mountain ranges, rocky high desert and countless lakes, rivers and streams, Oregon is a place where outdoor gear gets pushed to its limits. The outdoor-oriented culture in Oregon draws young creative entrepreneurs who come to the state to not only enjoy the bounty of its geography, but to make a living by creating a better shoe to climb a rock, or a better bike tire to descend a mountain.

With a balance of manufacturing prowess, innovative designers and an outdoor-focused culture, Oregon has proven to be the ideal location for gear manufacturers like Leatherman Tools, Dakine and Yakima.


The unusually large collection of talented designers and logistics professionals assembled in Oregon around global giants Nike, adidas and Columbia Sportswear, as well as many medium-sized firms, has set the stage for new companies, new ideas and new opportunities.

This industry growth has been fueled for the past 10-20 years by the increasing popularity of outdoor sports, the development of new fabrics and technologies, and the fusion of outdoor-inspired styles into the broader fashion world.

Because companies like Nike, Pendleton Woolen Mills and Columbia Sportswear started their businesses in Oregon decades ago, Oregon's outdoor gear and activewear industries have had plenty of time to establish a well developed network of workers, suppliers, distribution networks and other critical industry tools.