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Growing Your Business in Oregon

Business Taxes

Oregon had the lowest effective tax rate of all states in fiscal year 2013, at 3.3%. This rate is perennially ranked among the five lowest effective tax rates by Ernst & Young.Oregon has no sales tax, and corporations that operate in Oregon but sell goods in other states pay corporate excise taxes based solely on company sales with the state of Oregon.
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Tax Incentives

Oregon's property tax abatement programs can eliminate property taxes on new facilities for the first few years to make investments a little easier on the bottom line.
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Skilled Workforce

There's a reason young, talented professionals are choosing Oregon as their home at an increasing rate. Apparel designers, green building architects, adversting creatives and others look to Oregon for jobs in their industries and the quality of life found here.
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Property and Facilities

Industrial land is one of the state's most valuable resources in terms of net contributions to the state's economy and tax base. The traded sector firms that locate on industrial land are an engine of expansion, spurring growth in the service sector and paying family wages to a broad spectrum of workers.
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